Adults & Residents Seeking To Hire Youth

Residents seeking to hire a youth for around-the-house chores may browse our Residential Employment Express Listing that has youth in their area who perform the chores they are looking to complete. Residents then contact youth directly to interview and negotiate terms of employment.

Needham Youth & Family Services does not screen youth who register for this program, nor do we screen residents. Rather, we simply act as a clearing house connecting youth who desire employment with to residents who are looking to have work completed at their home

Additional Information:

  • There is a $10 fee for an Express Listing (pre-made lists of youth who provide services such as snow shoveling, babysitting, etc.).
  • The aforementioned fees may be waived for seniors or in the event of financial need. Learn more about the Fee Assistance Program.
  • Lists are only available at the Youth & Family Services Office located on the lower level of Needham Town Hall (we do not email nor post the names of youth online)
  • Suggestions When Contacting Youth

For further information about the Employment Program, email Youth & Family Services or call 781-455-7500 x267.