Water Sources

Primary Source

The primary source of drinking water is supplied by three gravel packed wells owned by the town. The wells are located on the extreme westerly end of Needham on Charles River Street. Clean drinking water is pumped from the wells to the Charles River Water Treatment Facility (CRWTF) for treatment and then sent to the water distribution system. The wellfield supplies approximately 80 to 90% of the town's water and can provide approximately four million gallons of water per day.

Secondary Source

Needham's supplemental source of water is a connection to the MWRA. The connection was made in the 1950s and enters Needham's distribution system through a 36 inch water main that runs from the Metro West Tunnel to the St. Mary Street booster station located on Central Avenue. The town utilizes MWRA water during periods of high demand such as during the summer months or in the event of an emergency. This source supplies the remaining 10 to 20% of water to the town.