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Snow disposal will be authorized at the Needham Recycling & Transfer Station (RTS), 1421 Central Avenue, Needham, Massachusetts, in accordance with the terms and conditions contained herein. The service must be self-supporting and funded by those who desire to use it.

For the purpose of this directive, the term snow includes only snow, sleet or ice-free from all debris and contamination. Only snow from within the Town of Needham will be accepted at the RTS and must be delivered by haulers who have obtained the specific approval of the Department of Public Works (DPW) prior to delivery.

Municipal snow removal operations utilize the maximum number of allowable trucks at the RTS snow dump location. On nights when the town is running full snow removal operations, no private permits for snow dumping shall be granted. Those seeking Permits for snow dumping must confirm with the DPW's Recycling and Transfer Station Division to ensure private Snow Dumping Permit Applications for snow dumping at the RTS will not conflict with municipal snow removal and snow dump operations.

The Director of Public Works reserves the right to terminate this service for parties not meeting the terms contained herein or at any time it is deemed to be in the best interest of the Town, as determined by the Director.


Snow Dumping Permits

All private haulers desiring to use this service must submit a Snow Dumping Permit Application (Application) prior to utilizing the RTS for snow dumping. This involves completing the Application, submitting it to the Director of Public Works and providing information concerning the business (including name, address and telephone number, truck type, registration and size plus the location in Needham from which snow will be removed).

Snow Dumping Permits are valid for only one snow dumping event during the winter snow season (November to March) and are required for every vehicle hauling snow into the RTS. A new Application must be submitted for any and all subsequent snow dumping operations at the RTS during the winter snow season. The holder of the Permit is responsible for ensuring that the vehicle and driver using the permit meets all Federal, State and local laws and regulations, and complies with the instruction of the Director of Public Works or his designated agent; failure to comply may result in immediate cancellation of the Permit. The Permit must be acquired before any snow can be delivered to the RTS. The Permit for each truck must be in the possession of the operator of said truck and is non-transferable between trucks. Truck operators may be required to show Snow Dump Permit to any RTS employee upon request for verification purposes.

There is no cost for Snow Dump Permit Application; however, there is a service fee for bringing snow to the RTS as part of a snow dumping event. Each truck hauling snow into the RTS Facility MUST have an approved Snow Dump Permit.

Snow Dumping Service Fee

All Private Haulers transporting snow into the RTS must have a Snow Dumping Permit and must pay for snow disposal services based on the volume of snow delivered to the RTS Facility. Payment (in the form of a check or credit card) MUST be made to the Town prior to hauling snow to the RTS. Billing for this service is NOT an option.

Private Haulers using vehicles without a Snow Dump Permit will be turned away.

The fees for snow dumping services are indicated on the Snow Dump Application- Attachment B.

Snow dumping fees will be reviewed and amended, from time to time, by the Director of Public Works and approved by the Board of Selectman to ensure that all costs for providing the service are recovered by the fees paid by those using the service.

The privilege for use of the RTS may be suspended for haulers with any overdue DPW or Town of Needham accounts.

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