Sports Kit Rentals

Two Sports Kits are available for resident rental from the Park and Recreation Office. Please call 781-455-7550, press 3 for more information, or to reserve a kit.

Items can be rented on an individual basis, with the entire kit costing no more than $20. Kits can include:

Volleyball Set$4
Croquet Set$4
Badminton Set$4
Bocce Set$4
Horseshoes Set$2
Traffic Cones$2
Pinnies (12)$2
Whiffle Ball and Bat$2
Softballs / Softball Bats$2
Bases (4)$2
Grain Sacks (10)$2
Frisbees (6)$2
Red Playground Balls (2)$2
Jump Ropes (3)$2
3 Legged Race Ties$0