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1. Who needs to have a pool pass?
2. If I’m not sure how often I’ll visit Rosemary Pool, what type of pass should I get?
3. Why isn't the rate for children lower than adults?
4. Do I need to purchase a pool pass for my children to take swimming lessons?
5. I will have guests visiting me for a week this summer. Can they come to the pool?
6. Why are children required to take the Deep Water test each year?
7. Why are there hourly rest periods?
8. What are the benefits of having a season pass?
9. What type of pass should I get if my husband won’t go to the pool often, and our child is one year old?
10. Can I share my season passes with friends and family?
11. What is the Early Bird Special?
12. Can I wear a t-shirt in the water?
13. Can my child wear “floaties” or wear a suit with flotation devices?
14. Why isn’t there public swimming in the lake?
15. Why are the lake and pool drained each spring?
16. Is the pool water clean?
17. Does the sand in the pool change the cleanliness of the water?
18. How are fecal accidents handled at the pool?
19. Why does state law require all bathers to take a shower before entering the pool?
20. Can I swim if I’m wearing a band-aid?