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1. Do I need to have a season pool pass for my children to take lessons?
2. How do I choose the most appropriate level for my child?
3. Why can’t my three-year old child be in Level One classes?
4. Can I go in the water during lessons if my child is afraid of taking lessons?
5. Can my four-year old child, who loves the water but has not had swim lessons, start in Level One?
6. Why are two Preschool classes, offered at the same time, combined together at the beginning?
7. Can I sign up for two classes during the same session to give my child more practice?
8. What training have the swim instructors had?
9. Who do I go to if I have questions or concerns during swim lessons?
10. What can I register for if my child has difficulty learning in a group setting?
11. Are swim classes cancelled when it rains?
12. Can the swim instructors help my child with the Deep Water Test?
13. Can my other children play in the water while one child is taking a lesson?
14. How can adults learn to swim or strengthen our skills?
15. Why are registrations only taken in person?
16. Why are late registrations not taken?
17. How can I register my child if I am not able to be at the Park and Recreation Office during registration times?
18. Does the evening registration line require me to come early and wait a long time?