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The Domestic Violence Action Committee was established in 1996 by the Health Department and meets monthly. We actively address issues such as domestic violence, teen dating violence, elder abuse and other violence related issues within the Needham community.   

For more information or to attend a meeting, please call 781-455-7500 Ext. 511. 


Love is the force that completes the soul
It fills the cracks until the heart is whole
It surrounds you with warmth and makes you believe
The impossibilities of the world are yours to achieve

Love is a promise that brings your mind peace
An awakening; a moment of sweet release
You discover beauty you could not before find
But when faced with heartache, it can make you blind

Love is a force that sometimes brings grief
We see people suffer, and with them we weep
But love compels us to reach for their hand
And even when we’re weak, we help each other stand

Love is a question that plagues all of mankind
Why in life can’t we fast forward or rewind?
But love is also the answer that strengthens our faith
We must look to the future and live for today

Love is undeniable, irreplaceable - but rare
And at the same time it is present everywhere
And in the end, this is what it means to me
The affirmation that love will forever be

~Ariana Chae