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Seminars of Anger & Violence Education
The SAVE (Seminars of Anger & Violence Education) Program works with elementary school students, teachers, and parents to:
  • Assist parents in approaching the anger / violence issue with their children
  • Support teachers to implement anger / violence strategies
  • Teach youth anger / violence prevention and intervention techniques

The Escalator Model
At the core of the program is the utilization of the visual model of an escalator. During student workshops, youth learn to chart how anger can escalate from a benign situation to one which can spiral out of control. The greatest strength of the program is the emphasis on the ability of students to problem-solve how they can "get off the escalator" to ensure safety and an appropriate closure. Students learn how to help themselves and their peers cope with anger more competently.

Learning to Channel Anger
The SAVE Program advocates approaching the issues of anger and violence prior to a crisis / incident so that youth can be assisted in channeling their anger in productive and healthy manners. Special thanks to the Needham Education Foundation for providing initial funding for this program. View comments from past participants.

For information or to learn more about the SAVE Program, contact Jon Mattleman at 781- 455-7518, ext. 265.