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Contract Information

Close Purchase Order Request
The Close Purchase Order Request form is to provide specific information that Accounting Office needs in order to close out a Purchase Order.  When a purchase order is closed by the Accounting Office any unexpended funds that were encumbered with the purchase order would be released back to the budget which they came. You may only request a purchase order to be closed when all the bills related to the purchase order have been received and paid and the funds are no longer needed for the intended purpose of the purchase order.

Contract Number Request Form
The Contract Number Request Form is to provide specific information that Finance Department requires in order to provide guidance as to the procurement process that a Department will need to follow.  The Contract Number is be used as an is an identifier for legal notices, bid specification documents, and any resulting contract that is awarded as a result of the procurement process.  After a contract has been executed, the contract number must be referenced in any requisition request submitted to the Finance Department. Remember, the department needs a purchase order before placing an order because you must provide the PO number to the vendor so that it can be referenced on the bill. With limited exceptions, a valid PO number must be referenced by the vendor on the bill in order for the vendor to be paid. Furthermore, before a PO can be issued for goods and services a written contract may be necessary before a request of $10,000 or more can be processed. 

Please note that if you have not been identified as an authorized employee to submit a request, the request will not be processed. Only requests from individuals that have been pre-approved to submit requests for the department that would be responsible for complying with the procurement laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and paying the bills will be considered. You will be notified by email of the ID number assignment and other related information. We may need additional information in order the process a request, so you may be contacted by telephone or email.

State Contract Confirmatory Agreement
The State Contract Confirmatory Agreement (SCCA) Request Form should be completed and submitted after the department has secured a written quote to purchase goods or services from a state vendor through use of a state contract when the total cost is $10,000 or more. The SCCA request form is also to be completed and submitted whenever the department employs use of a state contract for construction or repair work regardless of the value of the work. The purpose of the SCCA is to ensure that all the contract terms and rights of the commonwealth in the state contract inure to the benefit of the Town of Needham. After the SCCA has been prepared, the document will be sent to the department for review. The department will send the SCCA to the vendor to sign in triplicate and return with the necessary attachments.

Contract Submission Form
The Contract Submission Form is to be completed in order to submit an original contract for approval. This form is to be completed to verify that required actions to procure and the required documentation for execution of a contract have been satisfied. This form is to be completed and submitted by the department before forwarding any contract for approval and signature by the required town officials.

Contract Update Form
The Contract Update Form is to be completed in order to submit a change order (amendment), extension, or termination documents for approval. This form is to be completed and submitted by the department before forwarding the documents for approval and signature by the required town officials. 

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Updated 12/10/2014