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Town of Needham Solar Array
The Needham Solar Array is now operating on top of the capped landfill at the Recycling and Transfer Station (RTS) located at 1421 Highland Avenue.

System Size: 3,592.9 kilowatts DC
Array Size: 11,780 panels on 12+ acres
Est. Annual Generation: ~4,700,000 kWh
Est. Carbon Dioxide Avoided: 100,570,084 lbs. over 20 years

This is equivalent to approximately:
     1.1 million trees planted, 
     27% of the annual electricity consumed by all municipal buildings and streetlights in the Town of Needham,
     100% of the annual electricity consumed at Needham High School, Pollard Middle School and Newman Elementary      
     School, the town’s three largest buildings.

COMING SOON:  Real-time monitoring to view energy production.

Visit the "Solar Sam" Weihe Kiosk at the site.  
The Needham Solar Array is dedicated to “Solar Sam” Weihe, an honored member of the Needham community. Solar Sam was an inventor and gadgeteer. He invented the Solar Explorer, his version of a solar powered car, as well as other solar inventions ranging from solar powered wheelchairs, paddle boats and go-carts, to common children's toys he converted to run on solar electricity.

Pictures of the Construction of the Solar Array
Pictures of the Solar Array details
Picture of Solar Sam Weihe