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Domestic Violence Did You Know

 Did you know that 48% of women in domestic violence situations refuse to leave their abuser because they don’t want to leave their pets behind? (AKC Humane Program)

The Needham Domestic Violence Action Committee wants you to know there are resources that can help you and your pet stay together and be safe!

The Norfolk County DA’s Office -  

If you or someone you know needs help, call REACH’s 24 hotline at 1- 800-899-4000.     

10 Tips for Being a Good Listener 

Did you know
Riverside Community Care offers a variety of services for survivors of domestic violence and their families? Services range from individual, family, and group therapy, to providing a safe meeting place for visits between a parent and child without the risk of harm when supervised visits are necessary. These services are available to residents of Needham and the surrounding communities. Please call Riverside Community Care at 617-284-5130 for more information, or if there is an emergency, call Riverside Emergency Services at 800-529-5077.