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Regulations and Applications
Regulations and Applications
CATEGORY                                       REGULATION                                      APPLICATION
Tobacco                           Article 1 - Smoking and Tobacco Products        
Domestic Animals            Article 4 - Keeping of Domestic Animals            Animal Application
Body Art                           Article 7 - Body Art Regulation                           Body Art Application
Biotechnology                  Article 11 - Biotechnology Registration              Biotech App
Private Water Supply       Article 12 - Registration & Construction of
                                                               Private Water Supply                   Well App
Food                                Article 17 - Trans Fat Regulation                        Food Plan Review Application
                                                                                                                   Temporary Food Permit App
Excavation & Trench        Article 18 - Excavation & Trench Safety            Trench Application
Bodywork                         Article 19 - Bodywork Regulation                       Establishment Application
                                                                                                                    Practitioner Application