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About LED Lights in Needham
       About LED Streetlights in Needham 

         Overview of LED vs. High Pressure Sodium (HPS) 

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hps vs led.png

In May of 2017, Needham DPW held an LED Streetlight Pilot Program seeking resident feedback. Three streets displayed three different varieties of LED lights and one street (the control) displayed one style of high pressure sodium lights. Residents were asked to visit all four streets and indicate their lighting preference through an online survey. This survey ran from May - August 2017, results were then publicized. 

gis map.PNG

LED Lights: Installed on Stevens Road, Pinewood Road & Eaton Road
High Pressure Sodium Lights: Installed on Coolidge Avenue

Pilot Program Overview.png

Publicized Analysis

54 residents responded to the LED Pilot Program Survey. Pinewood Road appeared to be a clear favorite due to the feel of light, based on the fixture.  

Pilot Program Analysis.png

Final Light Selection for LED Conversion
Based upon survey results and meetings with the Select Board. Residents reached out to the Board for light fixture input. The Board and the residents expressed a preference to install the lowest kelvin light fixture that is safe and available. In addition, Wellesley, MA, currently has the same brand and temperature of streetlights throughout their town. 

2700 Kelvin, Archeon LED Fixtures will be installed on secondary roads 

3000 Kelvin, Archeon LED Fixtures will be installed on the following streets: 

CHARLES RIVER ST - Entire length

SOUTH ST - Charles River St to GPA

CHESTNUT ST - Entire length

DEDHAM AVE - Entire length

GREAT PLAIN AVE - Entire length

CENTRAL AVE - Entire length

HIGH ROCK ST - Entire length

MARKED TREE RD - Entire length

CHAPEL ST - Entire length

HIGHLAND AVE - Entire length

GREENDALE AVE - Entire Length

GREENDALE AVE - High St to Kendrick St

BROAD MEADOW RD - GPA to Greendale Ave

BIRD ST - Entire length

BROOKLINE ST - Entire length

WEBSTER ST - Entire length

HIGH ST - Entire length

WEST ST - Entire length

KENDRICK ST - Entire length

HUNTING·RD - Entire length

GOULD ST - Entire length

CEDAR ST - Entire length

HUNNEWELL ST - Entire length

WEST ST - Central Ave to Webster St

FOREST ST - Entire length

BROOKSIDE RD - Entire length

MANNING ST – Entire Length

HILLSIDE AVE – Entire Length

ROSEMARY ST – Entire Length

NEHOIDEN ST – Entire Length

OAK ST – Entire Length

MAY ST – Entire Length
GARDEN ST – Entire Length