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Online Payment Convenience Fee
Convenience fees cover various administrative costs associated with processing online payments and are non-refundable. The convenience fee is automatically calculated and is shown on the payment page before you submit your payment for processing. Convenience fees will appear as a separate charge from the bill amount on your bank or credit card statement. Convenience fees are charged by a third party. The third party online payment convenience fee charged is 2.95% of the bill amount with a minimum fee of $1 for Water Utility, Motor Vehicle Excise Bills, Dog Registration, and Vital Records as well as donating to the Property Tax Relief for the Elderly and Disabled.  There is no minimum fee for Parking Ticket online payment. There are no convenience fees charged for donations made to the Revitalization Trust Fund (NCRTF)

There is no convenience fee charged to pay a Water Utility, Motor Vehicle Excise Bills, Dog Registration, and Vital Records or to donate to the Property Tax Relief for the Elderly and Disabled when using an e-check from your checking or savings account.

Assistance for Online Bill Pay
If you need help using online bill pay or have a question about your account please email the Town of Needham's Collector / Treasurer Office.

If there is an error in the credit or debit card charge when paying a bill or making a donation, please contact Invoice Cloud, Town of Needham's 3rd party online payment processor, at 877-256-8330, option 3.