Counseling Services

Asking for professional support can be a difficult decision for many, and the Youth Services staff works diligently to make youth and their families feel comfortable and respected.

Needham Youth & Family Services offers Individual, Group, and Family Counseling as well as the Substance Abuse Awareness Program (SAAP) and the Bullying Intervention Program (BIP).

All counseling services are provided for free unless otherwise noted, and are provided in a confidential setting.

Individual and Family Counseling

Confidential individual and family counseling is available from our trained and committed staff. We accept referrals from the schools, courts, and parents. If for any reason we cannot be of support, we provide referrals to organizations with the resources to be of assistance.

Group Counseling

We have extensive experience in the facilitation of groups and feel that group counseling offers a unique opportunity to gain insight into the process by which individuals and groups think and act. A sampling of past group topics include: conflict, decision-making, social skills, and relationship-building skills.

Substance Abuse Awareness Program (SAAP)

This 15-hour assessment, education, and intervention program takes an innovative approach to the topic of drugs and alcohol. Participants investigate current levels of use and the internal and external motivations for their substance use.

Behavioral Intervention Program (BIP)

This assessment, education, and skill-building program addresses behaviors and the underlying motivations related to bullying. Participants investigate their own motivation, learn about the impact of their actions, and gain awareness about the laws regarding bullying. 

Parenting Services

We offer a variety of support for parents and guardians through groups, workshops, and community presentations that focus on topics such as anxiety and depression, substance use, social media, suicide, and social interactions. Our clinicians have hosted support groups to provide psychoeducation and a space for parents to discuss common challenges. Community presentations have included information about suicide prevention, screen time and mental health, the impacts of COVID-19, and more.


Referrals are accepted from the schools, courts, parents, and youth. If for any reason we cannot be of support, we provide referrals to organizations with the resources to be of assistance.

For more information and/or to inquire about our counseling services, please email