Needham Water Conservation Program

Water dropletsThe Town of Needham Water Conservation Program to was created help promote water conservation to Needham residents. This program was launched in response to Mass Department of Environmental Protection (DEPs) water conservation requirements.

It's important to know that all water that flows from a spigot or faucet attached to your home is drinking water. This water is pumped from town wells and treated to make it safe to drink. Use of this water for lawn or garden watering, car washing, and recreation should be kept to a minimum to ensure that there is enough flow for every day use as well as fire protection in town.

Do Your Part

If we all make an effort to conserve water, limit our use of in-ground lawn sprinklers, use rain water when possible, and use low-flow fixtures, our town:

  • Avoid environmental degradation
  • Preserve a precious natural resource - our water
  • Will save considerable capital and operating costs

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