Needham Housing Plan 2021

Needham Housing Plan

The Town of Needham has not had an approved Housing Plan in place since 2007, although it has made considerable progress in producing affordable housing since then, adding 894 new affordable units  and  surpassing the state affordability goal of 10%.  Despite reaching this threshold, the Town recognizes that significant unmet housing needs remain in the community, particularly in the context of unprecedented housing prices and the pandemic.  Consequently, the Town has determined that it should revisit its housing agenda by obtaining updated documentation on the local housing dynamic and preparing a Housing Plan to strategically address identified priority housing needs.

Working Group

The Planning Board has appointed a Working Group comprised of representatives from appropriate boards and committees to work with staff from the Planning and Community Development Department in overseeing community outreach and preparing the document.

Meetings of the working group are open to the public and will be held on Zoom (at least to begin, they could move to in-person). Agendas and minutes will be posted on the website.

To receive updates on Housing Plan Working Group meetings subscribe to the Housing Plan Working Group Notify Me . You may also email using the subject line “Housing Plan Working Group".

Past Housing Reports for Needham

Housing and Zoning Analysis, 2021

Demographic, Economic and Housing Profiles, 2019

Needham Affordable Housing Plan, 2007

An Assessment of Needham Housing Authority Residents: Assets and Opportunities, Jan, 2020

Needham Public Schools Demographic Study, 2018

Other Housing Reports

The State of Zoning for Accessory Dwelling Units, Pioneer Institute, 2018