Inspection Schedule

Building Department update as of April 6, 2020

The Building Department is closed as of March 22, 2020.    

Update on Building Inspections – Posted 04/06/2020 

To continue important construction work and in accordance with the Governor’s determination that construction activity is considered an essential service, the Building Department will continue to inspect on-going permit activity.  However, given reduced staffing levels and social distancing, the Department will not issue demolition permits or new building permits for the time being.  Emergency inspections will occur on a case-by-case basis.

To schedule an inspection, please contact the following personnel.  Please note that only those applicants who took out the permit, may call to schedule an inspection.  

     Dave Roche, Building Commissioner           781-858-2675

     Erik Tardif, Building Inspector                       781-858-2676

     Scott Chisholm, Wiring Inspector            781-589-2930

               Only LICENSED ELECTRICIANS may contact Scott.

                All others should contact the Building Department at 781-445-7550, Ext. 537

     Larry DiBona, Plumbing/Gas Inspector          781-589-2932

                Only LICENSED PLUMBERS may contact Larry.

                All others should contact the Building Department at 781-455-7550, Ext. 537


you are welcome to submit Permit Applications to us via ViewPoint Cloud:  

Paper permits are no longer accepted by the Building Department.

Upon our return, permits will be processed in the order received.

Thank you

Building Department Scheduling Information

As a service and convenience for our customers, the Building Department will try posting daily routes and time windows (PDF) of all pre-scheduled building, wiring, plumbing, and gas inspections. If a user finds that the schedule has not been updated, they should call the Building Department and speak with a staff person.

Due to the many demands on the inspectors’ daily schedules, these inspection schedules represent only a partial list of their daily responsibilities and is intended as a general time window. The use of these schedules requires the flexibility of a half an hour before or after the given time frame, as the Building Department cannot control unforeseen circumstances, emergency calls, or cancellations.

Please plan your day accordingly so that your scheduled inspection can be performed as anticipated. Cancellations must be called into the Building Department as close as possible to 8:30 a.m. of the scheduled day. Please check the Town of Needham’s home page during inclement weather for town office closings or changes in office hours.