Peer Tutor Program

Peer Tutor*Peer Tutor Program for 2022-2023 academic year is full.

Please keep an eye out for any updates!

Peer Tutor Program
School Year 2022- 2023

The Peer Tutor Program matches high school students (“tutors”) with middle school and elementary school students (“tutees”) who have demonstrated a need for academic assistance or a need for support in developing successful study habits. The goals of the program are to provide academic assistance with specific problematic subjects and to create a supportive learning environment that enables the tutees to gain confidence and build self-esteem. This is a weekly commitment for the duration of the school year. Tutor/tutee matches will identify a time that works for them to meet on a weekly basis.
The middle and elementary school students are required to bring specific assignments or review material to each tutoring session.  It is important that the tutees understand that their tutors are available to help with assignments but are not there to do the work for them.  While learning of this type is much less structured than a typical classroom, tutees should understand that the majority of the tutoring session should be focused on specific assignments, review materials or study strategies.
Once the sign-up window is complete on, a Y&FS staff will follow up to complete the paperwork process. 

For any questions please contact:

Hannah Stein, LICSW at or 781-455-7500 ext. 265

Kelsey Nichols, LCSW at or 781-455-7500 ext. 268