Streetlight Outages - Current & Future

Streetlight Outages - Current & Future  

The Town acknowledges that many residents are experiencing streetlight outages. Currently, many of the high-pressure sodium cobra-head light fixtures are at the end of their life cycle. DPW would like to highlight the benefits of street lighting, which is to provide driver and rider safety. Streetlights are not intended to prevent/reduce crime. We appreciate your patience as we are in this transitional period!

Frequently asked streetlight outage questions from residents:

Why has the streetlight in my neighborhood not been fixed?

  • The Town experienced poor performance issues with their prior maintenance contractor.
  • Current outages are being fixed by a local municipal light plant on a case-by-case basis.
  • Each documented light outage is being evaluated by the Assistant Town Engineer.
  • As we are preparing for a large-scale LED conversion, only critical areas such as intersections, bends, pedestrian crossings, and end of cul-de-sacs are being made a high priority.
  • Repairs for cycling lights will be postponed until the LED conversion begins.
  • There may be a power issue, if this is the case, further coordination with the electrical company may be necessary.

My light is not functioning, who should I report this issue to?

  • Any streetlight issues must be reported to DPW. Please DO NOT report issues to the Needham Police Department or Eversource, they do not provide streetlight maintenance.
  • You can report issues by calling DPW at 781-455-7550 or report the issue via SeeClickFix.

Once the LED Conversion is complete, will residents continue to experience outage issues?
No, the Town does not anticipate outage issues to continue once we fully convert to LED lights.

  • The new LED lights are warrantied for 10 years. If there are any issues with a newly installed light, a replacement will be covered under warranty.
  • LED lights will have smart controls, this will notify the Town if the light is not functioning correctly.
  • The Town plans to utilize a local municipal light plant to provide future streetlight maintenance.

View a list of current streetlight outages, please see the SeeClickFix map: