Special Projects

Newman/Eastman Design

Memorial Park & DeFazio Lights Studies

Memorial FieldFields of Dreams

This major undertaking at Memorial Park and DeFazio Park is well underway, having started in May 2008. The support and cooperation of so many individuals and organizations is truly appreciated as the town goes through its first major change on its athletic fields in several decades.

  • The synthetic turf field at Memorial Park is ready for use this fall. The two synthetic turf fields at DeFazio Park will be ready later in the fall. Please keep the following information in mind when using synthetic turf:
  • Synthetic turf fields are warmer than natural turf. Stay hydrated and alter your use to avoid lengthy direct contact.
  • To keep the surfaces clean, only drinking water is permitted on the fields. All other drinks and food products need to be consumed in other areas of the park. All trash should be placed in trash receptacles at the parks.
  • For the safety of athletes, metal cleats should not be worn on synthetic turf.
  • Dogs are not permitted on synthetic turf.

The Town of Needham truly appreciates the financial support for this major project by the Needham Sports Council. They continue to raise funds for the final projects at each park - projects for those that use the parks for sports and fitness, as well as those who just like to visit.