Yard Waste

Yard Waste Area Resident may bring leaves, grass clippings, brush and branches to the RTS during regular hours throughout the year, and leaves only on Leaf Sundays in November from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. -- residents only (no contractors or landscapers), leaves only on Sundays.  A valid RTS sticker is required.

Leaves, Grass Clippings & Other Rakeable Items

Leaves and grass clippings may be brought in any container. Residents are required to remove leaves and grass clippings from bags before dumping materials. Leaves, grass clippings and other rakeable items should be kept separate from brush and branches and are placed in a separate location.  More about yard waste management and home-composting here

Brush & Branches

Place brush and branches in the brush and branches area. Commercial brush at $ 60/ton, leaves at $50/ton over the scale.

Leaf Sundays Now - all Sundays in November

The RTS is open on Sundays in November from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. for leaves only; no other materials are accepted. Only Needham residents with a valid sticker attached to their vehicle are permitted. Landscapers and contractors are not permitted on Leaf Sundays.

November Leaf Days  (Facebook Post)

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees should be placed in Christmas tree pile. Remove all decorations from trees. Remove trees from tree bags.


Wreaths are not accepted for composting as they contain too much wire. Place in Yellow Bag with trash for disposal.

House Plants & Potted Plants

Remove plants from pots and place with leaves and grass clippings.

Flower Pots

Rigid plastic flower pots that have been cleaned out may be recycled with other plastics. Flimsy plastic pots should be disposed of as trash.


Soil from potted plants and around roots may be placed with leaves and grass clippings.

Halloween Pumpkins

Remove candle wax and place with leaves and grass clippings.

Paper Yard Waste Bags

Paper yard waste bags may be composted with leaves and grass after dumping out leaves and grass.

Invasive & Diseased Plants

Invasive plants (such as garlic mustard and Japanese Knotweed) that have gone to seed or are likely to re-root, and diseased plants should be placed in yellow trash bags and disposed of as trash. Invasive plants that have not gone to seed and are not likely to re-root may be composted with other plants.

Food Waste

Needham does not accept residential food waste in the yard waste drop-off area (leaves and grass piles).  The Needham RTS has green food-waste collection containers adjacent to the textile and book collection bins.  For details about this program, click here.  

Organic Matter for Your Garden

Needham's Organic Compost is a rich, dark soil conditioner that adds vital organic matter and nutrients to soil. It is made from a blend of leaf, grass and yard waste. It increases biological activity in soil, thereby improving the soil's capacity to provide nutrients and support healthy plant growth.

Needham's locally grown compost provides the following benefits:

  • Improves Drought Tolerance
  • Enhances Drainage
  • Reduces Erosion
  • Increases Soil Aeration
  • Adds Tilth
  • Supplies Nutrients

For Sale

Compost & Loam for Your Yard

Bring your own container. Please pay at the main office first. Compost rates were revised as of October 25, 2022


30-Gallon BarrelFree
1 Cubic Yard$4.00


30-Gallon Barrel$2.58
1 Cubic Yard$16.28