Contractor & Landscaper Information

Commercial Trash, Recycling & Yard Waste Disposal

Private Haulers, Contractors and Landscapers may use the Needham Recycling and Transfer Station for the disposal of trash, recyclables, and/or yard waste after they have purchased an annual commercial disposal sticker. Commercial Stickers are available at the Needham RTS, 1421 Central Ave. The disposal stickers are valid from July 1 to June 30. Any sticker purchased after October 1, will be prorated. In addition to the sticker fee commercial entities are also charged a per ton or per yard disposal fee.

All material will be quantified by weight. Vehicles will be required to weigh in and weigh out with each load delivered.

Commercial Trash DisposalLeaves

Disposal Rates

  • $180 per ton

All trash must be free of all Waste Ban Items.

Commercial Recycling

Recycling of corrugated cardboard, mixed paper, commingled containers (glass, metal, plastic), and scrap metal is accepted at no additional charge.

Commercial Yard Waste Disposal

Disposal Rates

TypePer Cubic YardPer Ton
Brush, 12" less in diametern/a$60.00
Leaves / Grassn/a$50.00
Wood Chips

All yard waste material disposed of at the Needham Recycling Transfer station must be free from all forms of contaminates (rocks, metal, plastic bags, trash, etc). Any contractor who disposes of yard waste material containing contaminates may have their tipping privileges revoked.

Compost & Loam for Sale

Compost and loam is available at the following rates:  

TypePer Cubic YardPer Ton

Clean FillNo Charge for large quantitiesNo Charge for large quantities



Contractors will automatically be set up with direct billing. For each transaction (disposal or purchase) contractors will be issued an invoice and will have 30 days to remit payment. Failure to pay promptly may result in denied access to the RTS.

Contractors may also pay by check at the RTS. All checks are to be made payable to, "Town of Needham". All returned checks will carry a charge of $25.

Yard Waste Processing Equipment Rental

**As of March 2019, the RTS will no longer have a trommel screener rental program.** 

Trommel Screener