Operation & Maintenance

Responsibilities & Services

The Sewer Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the town's wastewater collection system consisting of over 130 miles of collector sewers, 6,500 sewer manholes and 10 wastewater pumping stations.

The Sewer Division consists of one superintendent, one assistant superintendent, two foreman, two pumping station operators, seven skilled crafts workers to maintain and operate 23 wastewater pumps, motors, switchgear, gates, valves, buildings and grounds, mechanical rodding machine, high velocity jetting equipment, catchbasin clamshells, backhoes, trucks, generators, and emergency response equipment. In order to maintain a safe work environment, education and training is necessary and strict safety procedures such are followed.

Sewer Division personnel are actively utilized throughout the year to clean and maintain the sewer system to prevent and minimize failures and blockages. Pumping station operators and on-call personnel are active seven days a week, keeping the system operational and responding to all emergencies.

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