SSO Notifications - Recent Event Notice

On January 10, 2024 at approximately 8:00 AM, a sanitary sewer overflow at the intersection of Henderson Street and Oak Street from a sewer manhole was identified by the Needham DPW. The overflow continued for a duration of 3 hours, and it is estimated that a volume of 13,500 gallons of discharge was released before it ceased on January 10, 2024 at approximately 11:00 AM. The discharge/overflow consisted of untreated sewage in a liquid form.

Potentially affected water bodies include Rosemary Glen (brook) and Sportsman Pond which are down stream of this overflow. Avoid contact with these water bodies for 48 hours due to increased health risks from bacteria and other pollutants. See the Needham DPW webpage as information becomes available if any specific resource areas are identified: